About Us

Zap That Electrolysis

ELECTROLYSIS Hair removal that’s actually permanent. 

Here at Zap That Electrolysis our plan is to educate about the lesser known method of permanent hair removal. Most people think permanent hair removal as Laser, unfortunately it gets better and we’re here to show you what permanent hair removal actually is. Unlike laser (hair reduction)- Electrolysis works on all skin types, all skin color, all hair color including white, gray, blonde and red. Did we mention it’s the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal? So if  you suffer from unwanted hair ANYWHERE on the body- except in the Nose & inside the Ears, we got ya! Whether you are removing unwanted hair for surgery prep or personal reasons we are here for it. We are trained to treat the most difficult/ stubborn hair! Please come as you are, this is a safe space and all are welcomed to my friendly, judgment free environment.